November 30, 2006 at 12:12 am (Michelle, Retro)

This little darling jacket belongs to a spunky cool teenager with an admirable control over street slang. Retro cool.


Part of the coolness of the card is the inside, which is all decorated with ripped paper strips.





  1. Mom said,

    I think this one is really cute, like the paper inside! I think it is Michelle’s card as I recognize the finger in the picture. Let me know who created it.
    Love Mom

  2. Melissa said,

    Yes mom, you’re right! That short little nail is Michelle’s πŸ™‚ We have categorized them by who created them if you look in the line right under the title. You can also click on the Melissa or Michelle category on the right to see our entire personal collections.

    Nice job michelle – you do so well with card engineering – I’m still stuck on the pre-made blank cards! That jacket has a neat military feel to it – and I like how the collar sticks up! Mel

  3. Sidra said,

    Let me just say, that as that ‘cool and spunky teenager’ for whom this card was made: If I hadn’t already been in utter awe of this particular card made so obviously with love by Michelle pour moi, seeing it online like this just makes it all the more amazing.
    Wow, you guys are the coolest craft-nerds I have ever witnessed the craft of.

    Nice works. I feel so honored to have had my military/navy jacket semi-immortalized in such hard-core paper. If only you knew how artistically masterful this work feels to the touch. It’ll likely be worth millions within the century. This one is definately staying in the family.

    All the best. Happy Christmas’, Hanaukahs, etc…
    -Sidra Martin

  4. alexa said,

    wow good cutting job

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