Understated Christmas-wear

January 6, 2007 at 10:50 am (Business Attire, Classy, Michelle)

This outfit just has a hint of Santa in it, and its fashionable vest could certainly be worn year round. The fuzzy trim on the skirt adds that little bit of cheery punch to the outfit, and is a hit with the elves.



  1. Melissa said,

    Cute! What a great idea with the santa trim – understated chic with a little touch of kitsch.


  2. Aunt Chrissy said,

    This looks so much better for holiday attire than those Christmas sweaters that a lot of office people wear.
    Aunt Chrissy

  3. Michelle said,

    Agreed! This beats the heck out of ill-fitting sweaters and earrings that flash. Also, I have to admit that health-care providers dressed as elves …. also scary.

  4. Michelle said,

    May I also add … so much fun to have you and mom included on the blog… so many more comments! And since comments = love, I feel loved. Whoever said we werent a “fashion-concious” family must have been wrong…

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