Two Looks

July 5, 2008 at 3:58 am (Collections, Hippy Chic, Melissa, paper fashions fancy, Party)

Two variations on a theme, pretty and Bohemian.  Either would work perfectly  at a summer festival, on a cruise, or as dressy work-wear. 

I’ve got more paper fahions fancy items to post but I just had to get something up before we left on our Summer trip!  I’m loving paper fashions fancy!  Mel



  1. designergirl420 said,

    The outfit on the right is way cute and the skirt detailing on the left is pretty cool too! You guys are so good at this! You inspired me to make my own site. The address is Maybe you could stop by sometime and leave a comment or something. Also, is it all right if I put a link to your page on my site? Let me know. Thanks.

  2. Melissa said,

    Sure! Link to us!

  3. Sophie Burgess said,

    Hi I love the paper fashions, they are very creative. I was so inspired I bought the book. I’l pop by from time to time to see your latest creations…

  4. Irene said,

    Today I just picked up the paper fashions fancy and i hope it will inspire me to start a website

  5. Lara, KY said,

    My daughter received paper fashions for Christmas and we have already started designing! I was a little concerned as she is only 6 but she did GREAT and we had a lot of fun mom/daughter time. She has named her book: “Mommy and Me Fashions”, ha! She has been drawing and sketching fashions for what seems like forever, and is the pickiest thing you ever saw when it comes to her clothes so I thought this was perfect for her. Even stored it all in a cool giant hat box this is inspiring in and of itself. I love your site and will certainly be showing it to her, I am sure she will be as excited to find others doing paper fashions as I am.

    Keep creating great fashions!!

  6. Tessa said,

    I make paper fashions to! I really lick your outfits!

  7. Tessa said,

    OOPS! I mean like!

  8. Amy said,

    I make paper fashions all the time! love your designs

  9. Amy said,

    I make paper fashions all the time! I love your designs!

  10. Amy said,

    oops i said that twice, sorry!

  11. Lydia said,

    Okay, so I just started a blog on the same thing! I have two sets of this series, but funnily enough I am missing only the original Paper Fashions! I LOVE the dress on the right, by the way. Good luck on your designs!

  12. Eℓℓen said,

    Hi (; I’ve had paper fashions for just over a year now, and i think its great! I absolutely love all your outfits and you have urged me on to buy Paper Fashions Fancy 🙂 Thanks, Hope you keep posting!

  13. ⓙⓐ ⓢⓜⓘⓝⓔ✿ said,

    Love all the designs, you should keep posting though!
    Be sure to check out my site! Some of my Fantasy paper fashions are on the fashion page. ☺ ❤❤

  14. ⓙⓐ ⓢⓜⓘⓝⓔ✿ said,

  15. lynnejohns53465 said,

    hej! jag heter Moritz “morre” Ku00e5la, jag u00e4r 18u00e5r och gu00e5r pu00e5 tvu00e5an i Karleby svenska gymnasium. jag tycker om att spela golf och Click

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