Sorting My Paper Collection

November 2, 2006 at 12:25 am (Craftorials, Discussion, Michelle)

As my last post suggests, I love making paper fashions, but dread waking up in the morning to the mess my late-night crafting tends to leave in its wake. I knew it was an organizational issue, and so I thought an organizational cure was needed. I love all the suggestions you’ve given in the comments – I think I will definitely use some of them – however, here’s my first go at being paper-organized.

Originally, I’d just been throwing all my paper crafting supplies in one of the larger drawers on my cheap-o plastic set of drawers. As you can see, it was overflowing and unwieldy, paper flying out in all directions.


So, I headed over to my neighbourhood Canadian Tire and for $11 purchased another nice set of plastic drawers, this one specifically for holding documents. It’s got three drawers, each about 7 cm deep. So I set about sorting into new categories, I choose

  1. Cardstock, any size
  2. ”Found Papers” – anything I’d rescued from the recycling bin, mostly tissue papers, brown paper bags, tin foil, and my beloved and cherished Via Rail Blue Textured Puke Bag (now a collectors item… they’ve sadly moved to boring white ones)
  3. Blank cards and trims
  4. Indian handmade papers (I have lots, I keep buying packs from Michaels
  5. Other purchased speciality papers

Now all pretty and sorted, I can’t wait to begin crafting again! The whole process was surprisingly short and enjoyable – I have quite a lot of paper, and it only took about half an hour to sort through it all. It was a welcome distraction from applying to PhD programs, and intellectually, quite its opposite. I think I may even buy another set of drawers, and categorize my paper even further – $22 is little to pay for paper piece of mind!


Keep Smiling,


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Torn tissue “fabric”

October 29, 2006 at 12:45 am (Craftorials, Melissa)

Melissa’s Craftorial

I don’t have as nice a video feature on my digital camera so I’ll do this one as a series of pictures.  I’ve used torn tissue to make a nice texture for a few projects.  Most recently the wedding dress post.  Usually I use only one colour, but to make this show up well on film I’ve used two colours.  This tissue paper actually came with a purchase from a store – so it’s cheap.  Crumpled tissue paper is ok since it has a nice texture already.  I’ve started hording tissue paper… hopefully Bryan won’t find my stash or he’ll probably make me throw it out!

 Supplies:  All you need is a glue stick, white printer paper, and tissue paper (or tissues).


Tear paper into thin strips


Cover white paper with gluestick glue (be generous!)


lay strips on individually, overlap slightly (in this case I’m alternating colours).  Little folds or wrinkles are ok!  It’s texture we’re looking for!


It’s  good idea to dab the strips onto the gluestick first, so that the overlap part gets some glue too


Keep going until you run out of tissue, glue, paper or patience!


Now you’re ready to trace clothes!  You can have the pattern in any orientation horizontal, vertical, or even on the bias….


Have fun!  And post your pictures – I’d love to see what creative fabrics and clothes come out of this.


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Country Garden

October 21, 2006 at 6:02 pm (Cards, Craftorials, Melissa, Semi-Formal)


By Melissa 

This co-ordinated outfit takes you to a dressy garden party in the country, a spring wedding shower, or church on Sunday.  Take some shade under a blossoming tree to be sure you don’t get sunburned, and enjoy the homemade lemonade, ahhhh.

Some Hints

 I downloaded the upper pink print as printable origami paper, here are some links:

Printable dollhouse wallpaper is also a good source for patterns:

 Tip: if any of these patterns are too large scale for the paper fashions, try reducing the size in “options” on the print menu.  (or if you’re slick with photoshop like Michelle then you’ll certainly have a more sophiscated method of reducing the scale of the print). 

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Paper Clip Hangers

October 16, 2006 at 12:29 am (Craftorials, Michelle)

A big reason why the Klutz Paper Fashions book stands out is the set of twenty incredibly cute little mini hangers that come with it. Once you’re addicted, however, there is no way you’re stopping at just twenty outfits. I found myself getting stingy about using them, wanting to save them for special occaissions. Twenty hangers just wouldn’t do.

They didn’t look too complicated, and I already had some jewlery-making pliers in my craft bin, so I thought I’d give making my own a whirl. Amazingly, little metal paper clips were the perfect size. Melissa got really excited when I told her that I’d come up with a way to make my own, and since she’s rather far away and I have a brand-new camera with video functionality, I decided this was the perfect opportunity to make a craftorial. Just call me Martha Stewart.


Keep Smiling,

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